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Morning Brews

Latest news, links, highlights, headlines, and more from around the Big Ten.

Vegas odds shift in Michigan’s favor five days out from opener at Minnesota

The latest betting odds are favorable for the Wolverines.

Tuesday Morning Brews: Back in the saddle again

Out where a friend is a friend

Tuesday Morning Brews: Teenage wasteland

I fight for my meals out here in the fields

Thursday Morning Brews: Eponymous

But not the like last time

Thursday Morning Brews: Gdansk


Tuesday Morning Brews: That night, a forest grew

Michigan sports. Get your Michigan sports here

Tuesday Morning Brews: Direct hits

Sports, Michigan sports here

Tuesday Morning Brews: Sail away

Won’t have to run through the jungle and scuff up your feet

Tuesday Morning Brews: The middle

It wasn’t only men’s basketball who had a big weekend

Thursday Morning Brews: If you can hold on, hold on

To your butts, that is, because March Madness is here

Tuesday Morning Brews: Farewell, Quinn Hughes

We talk hockey, basketball, and wrestling in brews

Thursday Morning Brews: It’s A Long Way to the Top

Big Ten Tournament season is here

Tuesday Morning Brews: It’ll rain a sunny day

It was a wet weekend for Michigan sports across the country

Thursday Morning Brews: The song remains the same

Reissue along the open road

Tuesday Morning Brews: Trompe le monde

Driving down the motorway of the work week

Thursday Morning Brews: King of limbs

Football begins spring practice next month

Tuesday Morning Brews: Pablo honey

Slow train coming

Thursday Morning Brews: That’s the way

Morning Brews is floating toward the weekend

Tuesday Morning Brews: Softball gets off and running

We don’t have any softball in our photo gallery, so y’all get Harbaugh this morning

Thursday Morning Brews: Room for squares

We’re about six weeks away from spring practice

Tuesday Morning Brews: We’re back

And better than ever

Thursday Morning Brews: The sun’ll come out tomorrow

We are talking basketball, gymnastics, hockey, and wrestling today

Tuesday Morning Brews: The land of ice and snow

We are talking basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, and football

Thursday Morning Brews: Eponymous

Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels

Tuesday Morning Brews: Dance of the GOAT

Another year, another Super Bowl appearance for Michigan great Tom Brady

Thursday Morning Brews: Thin to win

Morning Brews is running a bit lean today

Tuesday Morning Brews: New blood

The Brews is getting back into the swing of things

Thursday Morning Brews: Fame makes a man take things over

It’s chilly in the midwest and we hope Morning Brews warm you up

Tuesday Morning Brews: Sail

The football offseason is officially in full swing

Tuesday Morning Brews: Here today for the football

New year, new Blue? We’ll find out

Thursday Morning Brews: You play to win the game?

With so many players sitting out, what constitutes a win on Saturday?

Tuesday Morning Brews: We’re still here

Sleigh bells are ringing