Will Karan Higdon be Michigan’s first 1,000-yard running back since 2011?

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Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson ran for at least 1,000 yards from 2010-12, but the last Michigan running back to rush for at least 1,000 yards in one season was Fitzgerald Toussaint back in 2011 with 1,041 yards.

Michigan may have its first 1,000-yard rusher by a running back since Toussaint in the form of Karan Higdon.

The junior has been a revelation for the Wolverines’ rushing attack this year. In his last four games, Higdon has carried the ball 74 times for 603 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns. That is insane considering he was the third running back in the game in the opener against Florida, and also in the shadow of preseason hype machine Chris Evans.

In all nine games played this season, Higdon has 804 rushing yards on 119 carries, good for 6.75 yards per carry. Again, he has been awesome.

Land of 10 even wrote this after the Florida game, and I honestly cannot blame them for writing it. It did not appear Michigan would have a 1,000-yard rusher this season, or for the foreseeable future. But now I believe Higdon has a really good chance to do it.

Michigan’s last three opponents — at Maryland, at Wisconsin, vs. Ohio State — have the 11th, 2nd and 6th rushing defenses in the Big Ten. Maryland gives up, on average, 174.8 rushing yards per game, so it isn’t crazy to think Higdon could get to 1,000 rushing yards next weekend.

But if he doesn’t, he will have two tougher challenges at Wisconsin and at home against Ohio State. Wisconsin has given up just three rushing touchdowns all season and gives up just 87.8 rushing yards on average, and anything can happen in The Game.

At the end of the day, I think he gets it. I have been a big fan of Higdon’s since last season and I think he can get it with the way he fights for extra yardage and doesn’t go down easily.

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I would say Yes although it depends on Maryland. If he gets only 50 yards then it’s going to rough sledding in the last couple of games. The bowl game puts him over but I would caution people who are looking at IU and RU and Minny. That’s the soft part of the conference at least when it comes to the running game.

I’ll say 1075 and possibly more if UM is reluctant to throw the ball.

Tone deaf

"Preseason hype machine Chris Evans" is unnecessary and, therefore, out-of-line in a mild sense. Evans played pretty well on Saturday too, and, in general throughout the year. As did Isaacs. And, in a much more limited sample, so did Walker. There are 4 pretty good running backs on the Michigan squad, and they all got better during the off-season and better during the year. Higdon has also grown as the holes have grown. Hmmm.

Evans was the most hyped running back heading into the season.

I never said those other backs didn’t play well or haven’t played well; in fact, they all have played real well for the most part. Nothing I said is incorrect or "tone deaf."

Evans was hyped because he had shown some very unique things such as making people miss. He was the best option of all the running backs but unless the OL is getting a push he is neutralized some what. Really like Evans. I got what you were saying but it’s been more an inept qb and OL more than Evans.

It’s just Higdon is clearly in my mind the best fit for a Big Ten power running attack. He hits the hole hard and has no fear and as the OL has gotten better his vision and experience is getting better. Love both guys. Glad there on the team and both are contributing. Higdon is one tough sob. Guy runs harder than anyone I have seen in a long time. Maybe Hoard from a toughness standpoint. Perry? Guy is the little train that could.

I like Higdon and Evans as the tandem. Here is why.

Higdon is the power back. Isaacs runs more like Higdon but not as hard or explosive.
Evans runs completely different than the two. He can juke more and brings a completely different style.
Walker looks potentially like he can supplant Higdon. Like what I see.

I do like different type backs because it’s tough for the defense to adjust to a different style. I don’t have a problem with two similar styles where the backs are both good but Evans is a good change up. He is sort of the knuckle/curve ball to the Higdon fast ball/slider.

Higdon has developed as he has gotten more carries and the OL has improved. All things considered, Higdon is now the leading man with Evans as a quality supporting actor.

Our version of thunder and lightning

always useful, and it keeps defenses from getting used to one style.

Century = 100

He hit the bi-century mark on Saturday. The word you were looking for was "millennium".

You are correct.

That is my mistake.

I agree that "millennium mark"

Just doesn’t have the same ring as "century mark".

I think he gets to 1,000 though, he has been running HARD lately and Peters’ presence seems to have opposing secondaries on edge.

I agree.

Rutgers ran for 239 yards against Maryland last weekend. I expect a lot of the same this weekend for Michigan.

Diggin' Higdon

I believe Karan is Michigan’s best all purpose back. He has a great one-step cut, runs with balance, and is fast enough to get past linebackers before they can cut him off. He reminds me a lot of Gordon Bell from the mid ’70s. That is no knock on Evans or the rest. I just think Higdon is very good.

Don't forget the bowl game

That gets included in his season stats, right?

Yeah they include bowl game statistics.

But it’s always cooler to do it in the regular season, haha.

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