Jim Harbaugh week 10 Monday presser recap: Speight update and more

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Jim Harbaugh took to the podium a short time ago and talked in length about the offensive running explosion against Minnesota. He was also asked about Khaleke Hudson, Brandon Peters, and Wilton Speight. Harbaugh did shed some light on whether Speight can play again this year, things sound optimistic on that front.

Monday Presser Recap


Please don’t tell me he would undo all of the progress the offense is making by reinserting Speight @ QB?!?!


Agreed! Even thinking about Speight would be going backwards. This season is about the "Freshmen" and giving them experience for next season. So far we have beaten ONLY teams with losing records. So, Maryland should be a win. Wisconsin and that team from the South will be tough wins at best. The season looks like 8-4 at this point. We’ll probably be in a bowl game on Dec 28th or so…. Just my two cents.

Said he has to keep him more loose during the game

One way to do that would be to actually keep him involved in the game. Understood that Michigan has protection problems, but playaction, throwbacks, and rollouts are all tools they can use to negate that a bit. Maybe coaches should watch their own first touchdown drive again.

Keeping "the savior" loose?

I didn’t notice, but wasn’t BP throwing on the sideline?

body of work

Speight was disappointing this year but until another QB rolls through their first nine games as a starter and comes within a couple inches of beating OSU on the road, Speight remains the most accomplished QB on the roster. At this point I am not sure what he is worth unless he is fully ready for Maryland and can outplay JOK and BP in practice this week. If he does not play this year, next year is doubly tricky. It would be his fifth year and perhaps you let him go and he ends up crushing it somewhere else. It is probably better to move on the BP and McCaffrey at this point but if Speight is truly ready soon I am not sure how that goes inside Schembechler Hall.

In my opinion, Speight has never fully healed from last season, both physically and mentally. I noticed he was almost afraid of contact this year, and I think in the back of his mind, he knew one big hit could re-injure his shoulder easily. Physically, he never had the strongest arm, but he almost always made the right read, and made the right throw. This year, it seemed like he was trying too hard to throw darts, trying to "prove" that his shoulder is fine and he has his regular arm strength.

I don’t think you can win a game when you have a QB who is afraid of taking a hit. Especially with our young OL who are below average pass blockers, you need a QB who gets right back up after taking a huge hit. That isn’t Speight.

Speight is probably the best QB on the team for managing our offense, reading defenses, and going through progressions. So I think Speight should use this skill set to help Peters and McCaffrey. In two weeks, we’re going to need Peters to win us a game with his arm. Let’s hope he’s ready.

Speight cant start, simple as that.

It really seems Speight never recovered from the injury suffered in the Iowa game, so rushing him back from an arguably more serious one makes no sense. It would be a step backwards to start Speight, as Peters getting experience in big games like Wisconsin and Ohio State will be huge for 2018.

Worse than Devin Gardner

I never thought fans would have to endure a Michigan QB worse than Devin Gardner, but Speight has won the prize. Like Gardner he can’t throw to save his life, but unlike Gardner he has the unique distinction of being incapable of running. Speight is truly a triple threat to Michigan’s chances of winning: Can’t run, throw or keep from turning the ball over. If Speight is Harbaugh’s best QB, then he should be charged with gross negligence.

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