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Pollin' It

Poll: Who do you think ends up leading Michigan in receiving yards?

It’s a tight race, but the early front-runner is Grant Perry.

How Will You Watch The Opening Game Against Florida?

Got plans yet?

Poll: Who Will Lead in Interceptions?

With the amount of talent that was lost in the secondary, Michigan needs guys to make plays on the ball. That raises the question, “Who will lead the team in interceptions?”

What Is Your Favorite Kickoff Time?

What is the favorite kickoff time for Michigan football games? We couldn’t reach a consensus.

Fan Poll: Quarterback Predictions for 2017

What happens at quarterback in 2017?

Fan Poll: Future Football Schedule Opponents

What non-conference teams do you want to see Michigan schedule?

Fan Poll: How Many Years Will Jabrill Peppers Play In The NFL?

The unique superstar has an interesting path ahead of him.

Fan Poll: Who Will Lead Michigan In Receiving Yards This Year?

There are a lot of candidates to take the reins in 2017.

Who Are You Rooting For In The NFL Playoffs?

Plus, a gallery of the recent Super Bowl halftime shows.

What’s Your Favorite Play of the Season So Far?

So many choices already, and we’re only two weeks in.

Tuesday Morning Brews (9/29/15)

The injury bug hit hard this week - that and more in the Brews.

Pollin' It: Michigan Slides Up To 16/17

The Wolverines moved slightly up after a 1-1 showing in Brooklyn last week.

Pollin' It: Michigan slides into the top-20

The Wolverines made a small shift up the polls and look to move farther up this week.

Pollin' It is finally relevant again; UM 24th

Michigan still sticking at the back end of the poll, waiting for its opportunity to make a big move up the rankings in a couple weeks.

Pollin' It: Michigan Starts Season At 23

The Wolverines are a fringe top-25 team after sustaining heavy losses to the NBA and graduation.

Pollin' It: Beating UM Not Enough Anymore

Utah beat the pants off Michigan and didn't make a jump into the polls. That says something.

Pollin' It: ND 11th After Whipping Michigan

Everything sucks.

Pollin' It: Michigan Finishes In The Top Ten

Michigan comes in sixth in the final Coaches Poll.

Pollin' It: Michigan in the Top Ten

The Wolverines creep up in the polls after another pair of wins.

Pollin' It: Michigan 12th in AP Poll

The Wolverines keep moving up as they move toward their goal of an outright Big Ten title.

Pollin' It: Michigan Moves to 16th

The Wolverines move up in both polls after a win against Michigan State.

Pollin' It: Michigan Slides to 20th

The Wolverines ride a 1-1 week into a short drop in the polls.

M's 2014 Class is Good, but Could've Been Better

At one point, the Wolverines were leaders or favorites for at least two five-star prospects. Both committed elsewhere.

Pollin' It: Michigan slips in Coaches Poll

The Wolverines move down a couple spots in the Coaches Poll but hang tight at 10 in the AP Poll.

Pollin' It: The Coaches Poll Is Hilariously Wrong

The AP Poll has Michigan in the top 10. The Coaches Poll has Michigan behind two teams it just beat.

Pollin' It: Michigan Back In AP Poll At 21

The Wolverines climb back into the polls with a big road win against Wisconsin.

Pollin' It: One Last Shakeup At The Top

Michigan State knocks the Buckeyes out of the BCS title game.

Pollin' It, Hoops Edition: Michigan 21st

The Wolverines hang around the back end of the top-25, but the immediate future in the polls is uncertain.

Pollin' It: Title Game Scenarios Become Clear

Ohio State and Florida State stand at the front of the line, but a trio of SEC teams are ready to pounce.

Pollin' It, Hoops Edition: Michigan Falls

The Wolverines fall back in the polls after a loss.

Pollin' It: Baylor making its move on OSU

Ohio State might get passed soon, and the race for a possible second BCS bid in the Big Ten comes down to Wisconsin and MSU.

Pollin' It: UMBBall Still Sitting In The Top Ten

Michigan sitting in the top ten and looking to move up pending a couple big games among the rest of the top ten this week.